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Cakes For Kids N.F.P.

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Cakes for Kids N.F.P., a 501(c)(3) Corporation, started as a dream that no child in Chicago should be without a birthday cake and a recognition/celebration of the day of their birth.

Birthdays were always big in my family. My brother, sister, and I always had homemade birthday cakes on our birthdays along with a family gathering. I started helping my mother bake at a young age. Several years ago I started baking cakes. The more I baked birthday cakes for family and friends, the more I enjoyed baking them.

I remembered my mother, who has been a Chicago Public School teacher since before I was born, talk about how many children had no recognition of their birthdays. One day the idea popped into my head, "I love to bake birthday cakes and these kids need birthday cakes."

Birthday cake

I founded Cakes for Kids to provide birthday cakes to underprivileged children. I provide cupcakes to one school at a time, Kindergarten through third grade, once a month. All children get cupcakes. The children who have birthdays that month get candles on their cupcakes. The whole class sings "Happy Birthday". The birthday boys & girls make their wishes and blow out their candles.

At this time, I serve seven Chicago Public Schools and approximately 2,000 children. I also donate cakes to the University of Chicago Children's Hospital, LaRabidica Children's Hospital, and Kohl's House, a temporary home for young transplant patients at Children's Memorial Hospital. I also take cupcakes monthly to the South Chicago Art Center (an after school program), and a Head Start daycare program. I serve an additional 500 children through these programs.

I hope that one day soon, no child in Chicago will go without a celebration of the anniversary of his/her birth. I think that every child deserves this recognition and that it can make a big difference in a young child's life. I can think of no better way to make them happy than to celebrate their brithdays with their peers. I hope all their wishes come true.

I grew up in Hyde Park/Kenwood, attended Shoesmith, Louis Wirth, Kenwood Academy, and Harold Washington College. I have baked professionally at the Medici, (in Hyde Park) as well as Leo's Lunchroom, (on Division St.) and in Durango, CO. I am certified by the City of Chicago in foodservice sanitation. I am using the City Licensed church kitchen at St. Paul and the Redeemer to bake cupcakes. I serve Reavis, Fermi, Sherwood, Grant, Hoyne, Bradwell, and Barton Schools. I live in Pilsen.

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Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:

Mailing Address:

1729 S. Halsted
Chicago, IL 60608-2322

Phone: (312) 563-9196

Fax: (312) 666-9848

Jonathan B. Gray, President
Melodee DuBois, Vice President
Elizabeth Baker, Treasurer
Steven Wise, Secretary